3d历史上的今天开奖结果our team recognizes that private schools with international programs can often use support in the area of marketing their school well in the international education world. while some us schools seek international schools as partner schools with a shared faith, other us schools seek diversity. aea will assess your international program and help you reach your marketing and enrollment goals. we can help in the following areas:

  • Start up with the Department of Homeland Security
  • International Marketing
  • International Admissions Process
  • Host Family Program
  • ESL Program as a bridge to the mainstream course


for international students, we offer schools across the nation that participate in the following programs:

  • Short program for 3 months or less
  • One year experience program
  • High school diploma program

all programs will offer a host family that is screened appropriately. aea will walk students through each step of the application and admissions process.

international trips

usa schools who participate in our partner school program are encouraged to send their american students overseas to visit their partner schools. currently we offer tours to schools in china and korea.


for students who desire to visit america for a short program camp or a tour, aea offers the following programs:

summer english camp

this is offered in the month of july 2017. the location is set in portland, oregon. a high level english training, music, art, sports and cooking are the core teaching aspects. field trips to famous local places are offered once per week and a camping trip at the end of the program is a highlight.

3d历史上的今天开奖结果summer and winter camps

3d历史上的今天开奖结果two week camps are offered in california, georgia, washington, dc, portland and seattle area.  camps and tours can be designed to cater to your group’s interest. students may experience an american school with a combination of site seeing or have english training and site seeing.


3d历史上的今天开奖结果for students who wish to attend a us college or university, you will need assistance with your airport pick up, financial bank assistance, set up cell phone services, grocery shopping, public transportation and a place to stay during the holidays. we will support you. an aea team member will give you the necessary help while you study in america.


3d历史上的今天开奖结果aea partners with img insurance to offer students the medical coverage from an american carrier. click below for the img enrollment form: